About US

Right to Vape is a Political Action Committee, registered in North Carolina. We are NOT Big Tobacco. We are vape shop owners that want to see this industry survive and have proper political representation. Our main goal is to ensure that vapers’ rights are protected. RIGHT 2 VAPE will safeguard the interests of vapers, and make sure these interests are reflected in the political candidates that we support. We can no longer sit idly by and wish things will get better. RIGHT 2 VAPE ensures that vapers’ voices are heard via political contributions and at the voting booth. Collectively, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.


• Vaping Industry IS small and medium-sized businesses
• 99.9% of all vape shops will be out of business
• 99.9% of all current products will be eliminated
• Thousands will lose their jobs
• States that tax e-liquid will lose millions of dollars yearly
• Lack of choice will drive vapers back to cigarettes
• The FDA will hand this industry to big tobacco.
• FDA actions will cause a Black Market, damaging public health
• E-cigarettes favorably received by the Royal College of Physicians and
the UK Dept of Health
• Vaping Industry AGREES 100% in Age restrictions and keeping these
products away from children
• This is an adult product sold in an adult environment